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Bulk Installations

We supply industrial gases in mini-bulk and bulk volumes for medium to large customers.

Air Liquide supplies industrial gases in micro bulk and bulk volumes for medium to large customers. Air Liquide manufactures oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and many other gases in large-scale production facilities throughout Australia and delivers them to customers. Our expertise extends to the installation, maintenance and monitoring of liquefied gas storage systems. We offer safe and reliable bulk and mini bulk supply systems in a range of sizes and flow capacities to meet the needs of many industries.

Smart Bulk Supply Solution

All-in-concept of a compact cryogenic vessel and ambient vaporiser mounted on a skid.

  • Available for air gases N2, Ar and O2 as well as CO2
  • Right fit for medium consumption (800 - 4,000m3/month)
  • Limited ground preparation
  • "Redy to run" storage system: 0.5 day for installation and start-up
  • Bulk supply management possible with a telemetry system

Bulk Standard Installation

Cyrogenic Storage System adapted to air gases (O2, N2, Ar), CO2, H2 and more rare gases. Mainly delivered in their liquid form.

A typical Cyrogenic Storage System can consists of:

  • Cyrogenic Liquid Storage: from 2,000L to above 100,000L depending on our customer's process requirements.
  • Telemetry System: This option will allow remote tank level monitoring on a daily basis. Other benefits include automatic reordering.
  • Vaporiser (when required): Transforming liquid into gas for gaseous applications.
  • Ready Base (Concrete Foundation): This option is a pre-fabricated reinforced concrete foundation for solutions below 10,000L.

Two add-ons available to improve our bulk offer

Dynamic On-site Mixer

On-site supply of Argon-Carbon Dioxide gas mixture for welding

On-site Mixer (Food-grade)

On-site supply designed for food-grade gas mixtures

  • From ALIGAL™ 1 and ALIGAL™ 2 supplied in Liquid or Packs. Also available with ALIGAL™ 3 for red meat preservation applications
  • Designed by Air Liquide for the supply of ALIGAL™ 13ALIGAL™ 15 or ALIGAL™ 28 in large quantities
  • Compliant with the Australian Food Standards Code

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