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Air Liquide Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

At Air Liquide, we value our suppliers because they have a vital role in helping us to achieve our purpose.

We use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) as our Procure-to-Pay platform, and invite ALL of our Suppliers to Register and Set-Up an Account on the CSP.  

Procurement and Supplier Information

Using the CSP to receive purchase orders, process invoices, and obtain invoice approvals and payments, allows Air Liquide and its Suppliers to manage procurement activities in a professional, efficient and transparent manner.

EPIC (short for Enhanced Procurement Interface & Collaboration) is the front-end interface where Air Liquide personnel write requests for products and services. When approved, these requests are automatically raised as purchase orders, and are viewable and manageable by our Suppliers via the CSP.

Suppliers can generate invoices quickly and effortlessly directly from purchase orders using the CSP, speeding up invoice approvals, and invoice payment timeframes.

You will find all of the User Guides that you need, FAQ’s, and Help details in this Supplier Resource section.

We welcome you onboard!

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Reference Materials for Suppliers

How to Create Your Account and Set Up Your Profile

How to Create and Upload an Invoice via the CSP

How to Create and Upload an Invoice via SAN (Email)




Account, Log-in and Registration


  • How do I join and register on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)?

Identified existing Air Liquide suppliers will receive an email with an invitation to register and join the CSP. If you have not received an email to register and join, please check your spam/junk folder and if it’s not there, email: - Once you have received the invitation email, select the ‘Join Coupa’ button in the email and follow the instructions to register and set-up your profile.


  • Can I request an invitation to join the CSP?

Yes. Email and request an invitation to join the CSP.


  • Why can't I log in to the CSP?

If you already have a Coupa account set up, check that you have entered your email address and password correctly. If you can’t remember your password, select ‘Forgotten your password’ to request the email to reset your password.


  • I already have an existing CSP account for another customer. Will I need a second CSP account for Air Liquide?

No. When you receive your invitation to join CSP from Air Liquide, simply login with your current CSP account details and select Air Liquide as a customer, by selecting Profile >Customer Setup and following the prompts.  You can be doing business with multiple customers from your existing CSP account.


  • How do I receive and view Notifications in the CSP?

Log in to your CSP account and click on the ‘Notifications’ link in the top right corner. This will open your notifications page. If there is a notification ready for viewing, you will notice a red circle with a number in it showing how many notifications you have. You will also receive a notice by email every time a new notification is added.


  • How do I change my email addresses for purchase orders and payments?

To change an email address in the CSP, you will need to contact Air Liquide Procurement on


  • What disadvantages might my company experience if we don’t join the CSP?

Suppliers not using the CSP can experience invoice payment delays, sometimes up to 4 weeks after the due date. Issue resolution relating to discrepancies or general enquiries about purchase orders and deliveries can also take longer to resolve when activity is occurring outside of the CSP as the track record and transparency of communication between parties can be harder to identify. 


Purchase Orders and Invoices


  • How do I view my purchase orders?

Log into your CSP account and select ‘Orders’ on the Home Page in the top (blue) menu bar.  Select the ‘PO Number’ (blue link) to open and view a purchase order.  Purchase orders will be sent to the PO Email Address that Air Liquide has on file for your business. If you wish to change this email address, please contact:


  • Is it necessary to receive a Purchase Order Number with every purchase request?

Yes. All supply requests MUST include a valid Purchase Order Number. Air Liquide will reject every invoice which fails to include a valid purchase order number, issued PRIOR TO THE SUPPLY of any products or services. Air Liquide Employees MUST provide a valid purchase order number to a Supplier PRIOR TO requesting and accepting delivery of any product or service OR the employee is in breach of Air Liquide's Procurement Policy.  Please report to us an Air Liquide employee who is requesting product or service deliveries WITHOUT FIRST providing you with a valid purchase order number.


  • How do I create and submit an invoice?

You can create invoices from your purchase orders and from a Contract directly in the CSP. Refer to the user guide to learn how. 


  • Does my invoice need to reference a Purchase Order?

Yes.  All invoices to Air Liquide must reference the Purchase Order issued to you by Air Liquide prior to supplying Air Liquide with products or services. 


  • What else must my invoice include?

In addition to having a valid purchase order, all invoices must be addressed to the correct Air Liquide entity that you are engaged with. If the name on the invoice is incorrect the invoice will be rejected.


  • How do I view and manage my invoices and payments?

Log into your CSP account and select ‘Invoices’ on the Home Page in the top (blue) menu bar to view your invoices.  Once selected, on this page you can also select ‘Payment Receipts’ to view all payments made.


Other Common Questions


  • What is EPIC?

EPIC is Air Liquide’s internal purchasing platform. It’s the front end customer/user interface of Coupa. EPIC stands for ‘Enhanced Procurement Interface & Collaboration’. Air Liquide’s employees and representatives log onto EPIC and create requisitions for products and services. EPIC automatically generates purchase orders from all approved requisitions. These are automatically distributed to Air Liquide suppliers and are viewable in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). 




  • Where do I go if I need help?

For technical assistance with Coupa go to: – if you cannot find an answer there, email:

For all system content and operational/user enquiries, email:

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