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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Our solutions for keeping your food fresh and safe

Air Liquide has developed a special range of products and solutions for MAP applications. It has the expertise its customers need to keep food products fresh and safe.

MAP at a glance

Modified atmospheric is a process for packaging food products together with a gas or gas mixture that replaces air inside the package and provides protective and reactive properties.

When combined, the gas and the packaging help to prevent microbial, enzymatic and physical deterioration in order to maintain the initial taste and quality of a food product.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) preserves the color, appearance and organoleptic properties of food during the product's shelf life, and protects food from harmful bacteria.

Our offer

Air Liquide offers a range of food-grade gases. As the industry benchmark, our ALIGAL™ products meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards for production and logistics of all liquids related to the agri-food industry.

HACCP is a system which identifies, evaluates and controls hazards which are significant to food safety. Our ALIGAL™ gases adhere to strict quality specifications and go beyond standard regulatory requirements. 

We leverage our historical know-how in MAP applications to work closely with our customers in determining the right gas mixture for their products.

Why choose us

  • Industry leader
    We are a global leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health.

  • Expertise
    We have a global network of experts available to support you in developing solutions to meet your specifications and challenges.

  • Extensive & Reliable Infrastructure Network
    We have production and filling facilities and pipeline networks across Australia to guarantee reliability and safety.

  • One-Stop Solution Provider for your needs
    We provide a full range of products in various purities and supply modes and a spectrum of services to meet your specific needs.

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