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Below you will find important links to our standard trading terms and conditions of use for our websites and online ordering facilities.

For Customers of Air Liquide in Australia and New Zealand - Industrial  Packaged Gases and Medical Gases and Equipment

Standard Terms of Sale

Air Liquide Australia Limited is a supplier of industrial packaged gases and related equipment and services. Air Liquide Healthcare Pty Ltd is a supplier in Australia of medical gases and medical equipment and related services. Air Liquide New Zealand Limited supplies both industrial packaged gases and medical gases and related equipment and services in New Zealand.

The following terms apply to all supplies by these entities of packaged industrial and medical gases, related equipment and services, whether supplied directly by Air Liquide or indirectly via one of its agents, except to the extent otherwise agreed in writing.

myGAS™ Portal and myGAS™ Mobile Terms

For those customers of Air Liquide Australia Limited and Air Liquide New Zealand Limited who use our myGAS™ Portal and for  Australian customers of Air Liquide Australia Limited who use myGAS™ mobile app, please be aware that the following terms also apply to your use of these services.

Cylinder Safety Warning

Users of AIR LIQUIDE gas products and cylinders are reminded that gases are dangerous goods and care should be taken with respect to their handling, transportation, storage and use. Please make sure you read these important notes. Further safety information is available on our website or on request from Air Liquide and its agents.

Cold Embrittlement Safety Warning

In the case of liquid gas installations, our air gas customers should make sure they are familiar with the contents of the following:

For Suppliers to Air Liquide Group in Australia and New Zealand

Purchasing Terms

For Suppliers 

These terms apply to orders placed on suppliers for goods and/or services by Air Liquide Australia Limited, Air Liquide Healthcare Pty Ltd, Healthy Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd and Air Liquide New Zealand Limited (except to the extent otherwise agreed in writing).

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