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Calibration gases

We’re Calibrated for Safety

CALGAZ™ is the global leader in specialty calibration gases.

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The Industry Standard for Over 40 Years

CALGAZ’s standard product line continues to set the standards for quality calibration gas cylinders.

While serving industries in which error can cause serious injury or worse, we pride ourselves in maintaining a reputation for quality, safety, and innovation. And we manage every step of the production process in-house at our U.S. and U.K. facilities: blending, stabilising, testing, and quality control.

Customised Solutions

As your partner we also deliver customised solutions for your business needs:

  • An extensive line of gas blends: over 3,000 pure and blended gases
  • Up to 9 different cylinder sizes for each gas and gas blend
  • Options for refillable, non-refillable, and high pressure cylinders
  • Private label options to meet your  commercial requirements  


At CALGAZ™, we take safety and quality seriously. We ensure to consistently deliver on the quality we promise and our the quality that our customers demand.

CALGAZ™ gas mixtures and regulators are manufactured, fully tested and shipped from our state-of-the-art production facility in Cambridge, Maryland, USA and from our new facility in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Gas Mixtures

  • All gas mixtures are made gravimetrically
  • All gas mixtures are NIST Weight Traceable and fully traceable back to their original raw materials
  • All master blends are analyzed 100%
  • Lot analysis on transfilled cylinders


  • All regulators are designed and built in-house
  • Rigid quality control of all supplied machined parts
  • Statistical Process Control in place
  • 100% of regulators are function tested
  • All regulators are leak checked


  • Cylinders are leak checked with mass spectrometer
  • Valves used in our CALGAZ™ 34 and CALGAZ™ 58 cylinders are our design and are manufactured to our specifications
  • All cylinders are pressure checked
  • All lots of cylinders are traceable by lab database
Model Liters Dimensions Mixtures Pressure
1AL 11 300mm x 76mm Limited 155 psig/10.7 bar
12DA 11 250mm x 78mm Limited 160 psig/11 bar
2AL 34 289mm x 76mm Reactive,

500 psig/35.5 bar
7HP 34 279mm x 76mm Non-Reactive 494 psig/34 bar
6DM 58 204mm x 83mm Non-Reactive 1000 psig/ 69 bar
8AL 58 362mm x 89mm Reactive,

500 psig/34.5 bar
6D 103 352mm x 83mm Non-Reactive 1000 psig/69 bar
10AL 116 381mm x 89mm Reactive,


1,000 psig/69 bar

5ELR 625 734mm x 111mm Non-Reactive 2,016 psig/139 bar
65ALR 850 514mm x 175mm Reactive,


2,219 psig/153 bar

Our USA plant received ISO 9001-2008 certification over 20 years ago.

We also received ISO 17025:2005 accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory accreditation (A2LA) for:

  • Ethanol in Nitrogen by FTIR Spectoscopy (A3-CGZ-LAB-0059-P)
  • Ethanol in Nitrogen by Infra-Red Spectroscopy (A3-CGZ-LAB-0013-P)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Monoxide by Electrochemical Cell (A23-CGZ-LAB-0018-P)
  • Oxygen by Paramagnetic Analyzer (A3-CGZ-LAB-001-P)

(Stoke ISO 9001-2008 certification)

Our quality assurance claims are backed by:

  • Years of research and development resulting in proprietary preparation and filling processes designed around CALGAZ™ cylinders and valves
  • Long-term stability studies based on the preparation and filling processes we currently use
  • Significant financial investment in facility upgrades and the addition of sophisticated equipment at the manufacturing level which have automated sections of our plant

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