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Introducing EXELTOP Oxygen

In the late 90’s we introduced a new valve with an integrated regulator, the ALTOP. This technology was not only safer to use but it also helped save precious time. With no regulator to remove, swapping out cylinders became seamless.

Staying true to our innovative approach while incorporating customer feedback, we soon developed the next generation of ALTOP, the EXELTOP. We started the EXELTOP rollout with our Argon range but we are pleased to announce that we are now introducing EXELTOP in Oxygen.

Following a myriad of advantages (mentioned above), the biggest game changer is that EXELTOP Oxygen extends the quick connect capability to Oxygen valves (previously only Argon valves had this feature). The quick connect adaptor stays connected to the hose and this makes changing cylinders as easy as inserting a USB drive in your computer.

One other hidden improvement is that Exeltop has a dual stage regulator. This allows an improved flow rate stability at low pressures, ensuring the consistency you need from start to finish.

EXELTOP is the most advanced cylinder valve technology in the Australian market today and now that it is available in both Argon (mix) and Oxygen, it will make welding much easier. We at Air Liquide Australia are proud to be delivering this value to our customers.