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Back in 1999, we opened the way to a new generation of intelligent valves by introducing ALTOP™ to Australia, the first built-in regulator with an on/off lever, then SMARTOP™ for our ARCAL™, FLAMAL™, LASAL™ and ALPHAGAZ™ range, and finally MINITOP™ for the Albee™ range of products.

Now, our new built-in regulator valve EXELTOP™ comes to raise the bar even higher in Australia and New Zealand.

EXELTOP™ is designed for gas users for whom cost efficiency, ergonomics, quality control and maximum safety are key decision-making factors. It is dedicated to professionals and industries in the metal fabrication and construction fields, providing the best in:

  • Stability and accuracy for high performance gas operation, with a dual-stage built-in regulator;
  • Quick and safe connection every time – quick connect available for Argon, Argon mixtures, Oxygen and Acetylene;
  • Intuitive, easy to use design – newly designed on/off lever, new graduated handwheel;
  • Safety – built to resist with a strengthened, round shape aluminium guard.

Safety improvements

Safety is at the forefront of the creation and production of our products.The highest safety preoccupation has been built in EXELTOP™'s design.

Thanks to the integrated pressure reduction, EXELTOP™ inherits ALTOP™'s safety attributes by preventing the user's accidental exposure to pressure. There is also a rapid shut-off in case of emergency situations, especially for applications involving flammable gases. In addition to the valve’s guard wrap-around protection, the on/off lever is conceived with a breakage point, which preserves the valve in case of important shocks to the lever. Finally, features are easily accessible to prevent potential hand injuries.

"We combine the best technologies and expertise from research and welding teams, to bring​ higher ​performance, ​ease of use and safety to our clients. EXELTOP™ has been developed conjointly by our Research & Development and Air Liquide Welding teams."

Quality control

Gas flow rate stability is one of the key criteria to ensure a perfect weld/cut meeting your quality control standards.

Thanks to its dual-stage integrated pressure regulator, EXELTOP™ ensures flow rate stability even when the pressure in the cylinder is low. This enables better quality control while also making sure you are able to use virtually all the gas in the cylinder before switching to a new one.

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Upgrade to EXELTOP™

EXELTOP™ is available with ARCAL™ premium gas range dedicated to arc welding and from 2021 with FLAMAL™ premium gas range for flame applications - oxygen/acetylene.

EXELTOP™ will be gradually rolled out in Australia and New Zealand. While we want to make sure you can access this premium product quickly, we may not be able to supply immediately this new top with the product you need. Please contact your local representative or our Welding and Cutting Expert to know more about the product and enquire about availability.