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On-Site Installations

Improving on-the-job safety and efficiency for continuous gas consumption ranging from 10 to 5,500 m3/hour

At Air Liquide, we work hard to provide best-in-class services to meet your needs. Our field service teams offer a full spectrum of on-site services. We design, install and manage gas supply systems, storage infrastructure and gas handling equipment. Our on-site services provide process expertise to help enhance the productivity, product quality and safety of your operations.

Types of On-Site Installations

N2 on-site gas product range 

FLOXAL™ N2 offer covers:

  • Volume range from 100 to 9,000 Sm³/h
  • Various pressure levels below 10 BarG
  • O2 content: APSA 3 ppm (lower possible), AMSA 0.5-1.5%
  • From cryogenic distillation, adsorption and membrane generator technologies
  • Can provide cost savings and energy efficiencies

O2 on-site gas product range

FLOXAL™ O2 offer covers:

  • 10 to 5,000 Nm³/h and higher
  • Various pressure according to requirements
  • Purity from 90% to 93%
  • From adsorption and cryogenic distillation technologies
  • Can provide cost savings and energy efficiencies

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Supply Modes

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