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Extensive industrial gas network for safe, reliable and flexible supply

Air Liquide owns and operates pipelines in Australia, supplying oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in large quantities to major customers in the Chemicals and Oil and Gas industries.

Reliable & robust supply network

For large volume industrial gas users, we supply via pipelines. This is by far the most sustainable, economical and reliable mode of supply for Chemical and Oil and Gas companies that require over-the-fence supply.

In addition, the pipelines are also used to supply industrial gases to companies from other major industries such as metal fabrication, marine and pharmaceutical that are located within range of our pipeline network. 

All of our pipeline gases are supplied at the highest quality from production to point of usage. Rigorous controls are in place to ensure that the gases conform strictly to specifications and are supplied within safety limits.

To ensure high levels of supply reliability for oxygen and nitrogen, multiple layers of backup systems such as liquid storage tanks and standby plants are available to complement our robust running plants.

Our pipeline operations and industrial gas production facilities are closely monitored by our leading-edge Smart and Innovative Operations Centre (SIOC) for Australia, which is located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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