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Air Liquide’s exclusive ALPHAGAZ™ pure specialty gases with guaranteed low purities for any analytical application.

Straightforward dedicated laboratory gases range

Our ALPHAGAZ™ product range is our dedicated laboratory range of gases.  Available in two purities for argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and air (for CO2 , N2O , C2H2:  consult us) plus a large range of mixes.  Each cylinder is delivered with a Certificate of Conformance and guaranteed low levels of nominated impurities.  

Plus, our ALPHAGAZ™ cylinders are equipped with SMARTOP™ cylinder tops. SMARTOP™ cylinder tops have the added benefits of easy ON/OFF levers, valve protecting cap with ergonomic design for ease of handling, a built-in contents gauge and built-in Residual Pressure Valve (RPV).

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ALPHAGAZ™ meets the needs of laboratories for their applications for analysis and process control by:

  • Accurate and reliable results thanks to the guaranteed low critical impurity levels,
  • 2 levels of purity corresponding to your needs:
    • ALPHAGAZ™ 1, for the accuracy of analysis from % to ppm
    • ALPHAGAZ™ 2, for the high accuracy of analysis ppm to ppb
    • ALPHAGAZ™ 1000, is our bulk supply of ALPHAGAZ™ 1
  • ALPHAGAZ™ Mix:  Mix offers you the ultimate flexibility in selecting analytical accuracy and blend tolerance. Each class has unique characteristics and subsequent performance specifications. ALPHAGAZ™ Mix features high purity instrumentation and calibration gas mixtures - defined as products combining 2 to 40 components, with accuracy ranging from % to ppb. It covers a wide range of analytical needs, particularly for research, engine testing, environment and oil and gas industries.



Specifications Ar, H2, He, N2, O2

Specifications Ar, H2, He, N2, O2

H2O  <  3ppm

H2O  <  0.5 ppm

O2  <  2 ppm*

O2  <  0.1 ppm*

CnHm  <  0.5 ppm

CO2  <  0.1 ppm



CO  <  0.1 ppm



CnHm  <  0.1 ppm



H2  <  0.1 ppm**

* except for O2  **except for H2

* except for O2  **except for H2



H2O  <  3 ppm

H2O  <  0.5 ppm

CO  <  1 ppm

CO  <  0.1 ppm

CO2  <  1 ppm

CO2  <  0.1 ppm

CnHm  <  0,1 ppm

CnHm  <  50 ppb



SO2  < 10ppb



NOx  < 10ppb

CO2 , N2O , C2H2 (consult us)

CO2 , N2O , C2H2 (consult us)


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