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Packaged Gases

For users who require gas volume requirement of less than 5,000m³ per month

We offer many types of packaged gases and gas mixtures in various capacities for an extensive array of applications.

Discover a variety of packaging options to suit your every need

We supply high-pressure and low-pressure cylinders to fit your every need. Our compressed gas cylinder sizes, materials used and valve type are determined by CGA, DOT and TC guidelines.

We also offer the safest and most ergonomic valves:

SMARTOP™: A smart residual pressure valve with an on/off lever and permanent content gauge, available with our ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases premium offers.

EXELTOP™: A cylinder valve with built-in pressure regulator, available with our premium gases - ARCAL™ shielding gases and FLAMAL™ oxy-fuel gases.


Ranging from large 50L 'GX' sizes to 5L portable cylinders, Air Liquide provides the right solution to its customers. Additional features such as 300 bar pressure filling or aluminum cylinders for increased portability are also available.


  GX G F E Ez Ex Dx D CL
      Steel Alum.         Steel Alum.  
Water Capacity (Litres) 50 49 35 34 25 20 20 11 10 10 5
Tare Weight (Kilograms) 50 57 45 24 23 34 24 13 15 10 7
Height (Meters) 1.45 1.44 1.35 1.25 0.98 0.83 0.79 0.58 0.65 0.65 0.53
Diameter (Centimeters) 22.9 23.0 20.3 21.5 21.8 20.4 20.4 17.6 16.5 17.5 14.0
Available in 300 bar



Air Liquide supplies low-pressure cylinders that are ideal for flammable gases such as acetylene and propane.


  Acetylene LPG
  GX G E D ALbee 45 15 8.5
Water Capacity (Litres) 53 47.3 23 8 6.5 108 36 21
Tare Weight (Kilograms) 68 60 32 12 12 34 11 8
Height (Meters) 0.83 0.79 0.77 0.54 0.55 1.25 0.73 0.47
Diameter (Centimeters) 31.0 31.0 20.9 15.7 13.7 37.5 30.4 31.0



Air Liquide supplies cryogenic tanks as a safety storage unit for liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. These gases are stored at extremely low temperatures and in a liquid state.

Work Safer

Air Liquide’s exclusive SMARTOP™ valve for specialty lab gases and industrial gases saves time and gas while improving workplace safety.

With its integrated regulator and quick connect outlet, the ALTOP™ will save you time, money and gas while keeping you safe.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

Our compressed gas cylinder sizes, materials used and valve type are determined by CGA, DOT and TC guidelines. Air Liquide draws on more than 100 years of experience to determine which gases can be safely contained and transported in specific types of gas cylinders.

Ensuring gas stability

In addition, we ensure gas stability by matching cylinders with valve types to protect the integrity of the gas against corrosion or certain chemical reactions. When packaging reactive gases, our cylinders are treated with our exclusive inerting processes.

Customer convenience

We work hard to ensure convenience, efficiency and complete satisfaction with Air Liquide’s packaged gas products. Our extensive range of cylinder sizes and multi-cylinder packs provide cost-effective gas quantities for every application. In addition, cryogenic liquid containers for atmospheric and helium pure gases are available.


PACK (200 BAR)

A solution for every need up to 4,000m3 per year

  • Sets of cylinders bundled together
  • Single gas vessel with higher autonomy
  • Less handling and longer continuity of the process

PACK (300 BAR)

A solution for every need up to 5,000m3 per year

  • With on/off lever
  • Permanent content gauge
  • ~50% more gas than standard pack supply


  High Pressure

Pack 16
High Pressure

Pack 8

Pack 9
Water Capacity (Litres) 800 784 400 392 450
Tare Weight (Kilograms) 1,600 900 750 400 730
Height (Meters) 2.0 1.8 2.0 1.8 1.5
Footprint (Meters) 1 x 1 1 x 1 1 x 0.5 1 x 0.5 1 x 1*
Available in 300 bar

*Nominal footprint

  • Flexible supply
  • Refilled at your site or if required or more appropriate, filled in Air Liquide’s facilities, delivered full and exchanged against empty ones.
  • Up to 1,000L in volume
  • Compatible with Liquid Air Gases and Liquid CO2


  450 240 180
Water Capacity (Litres) 450 240 180
Tare Weight (Kilograms) 157 175 132
Height (Meters) 1.45 1.46 1.59
Diameter (Centimeters) 76.2 66.0 50.8


Increased efficiency

A cost effective gas reticulation solution designed to assist in reducing overall expenses for cylinder management.

Range flexibility

Is available for a comprehensive range of gas types including all inert gas mixtures, oxidising and fuel gases.

Optimise workflow

Allows you to have gas supplied to the point of use without any cylinder handling. It also optimises your cylinder stock holdings and improves safety within the work environment.

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