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A safe and reliable supply of pure argon and argon mixtures

Air Liquide supplies industrial argon and argon mixtures in various volumes and purities. Our range of product brand families for Welding & Fabrication, Research & Analysis and Food Processing makes our argon range ideal for your needs.

Welding and Fabrication

Different gas mixtures are required for different metals, composites, their thicknesses, quality of weld and more. As a result Air Liquide has developed a wide range of welding gases in various sized cylinders to suit your needs. We service companies that use industrial argon and argon mixtures for:

  • Welding aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper and carbon steel,
  • The manufacture of stainless steel
  • Industrial processes such as electronics and automotive parts manufacturing.

Our Solution

For all of your welding needs, ARCAL™, is our brand of high purity industrial argon and argon mixtures with a range of ready to use products that cover any welding application. With the right product, you can improve your weld, reduce clean up time and reduce your overall costs.    

  • ARCAL™ Prime:  For use in your TIG and inert MIG applications
  • ARCAL™ Chrome:  For stainless steel or light gauge steel
  • ARCAL™ Speed:  A productivity gas that suits most of your steel MIG requirements
  • ARCAL™ Force:  When you need extra weld penetration for heavy steel applications

Call your local Air Liquide branch today or request a quote and a specialist will contact you to help choose the best product to maximise your process.

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Food Processing

As an industrial gas expert, Air Liquide provides its food industry customers with full process support and services. When combined, the gas and the packaging help to prevent microbial, enzymatic and physical deterioration in order to maintain the initial taste and quality of a food product.

Our Solution

ALIGAL™ gases are used in different applications and food segments. Using Argon in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) enhances the color and appearance of food, preserves the product's shelf life, and protects food from harmful bacteria.

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Product Summary

The volumes within this table are indicative and may vary with filled pressure. Actual gas volumes per product codes are available in CMS.

Size Gas Volume (Sm³) Melting Point Physical State* DG Class
PACK 16        
Maxi 232 -189 °C Gas 2.2
PACK 8        
Maxi 116 -189 °C Gas 2.2
Standard 60.0 -189 °C Gas 2.2
GX 10.3 -189 °C Gas 2.2
G 8.4 -189 °C Gas 2.2
Ex 4.1 -189 °C Gas 2.2
Dx 2.2 -189 °C Gas 2.2

*Physical State at 20°C / 101.3kPa


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Odour Flammability SDS
Colourless gas Odourless Non flammable Argon, Compressed


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