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Inerting, cooling and welding for your industry

Air Liquide offers industrial helium for the hospitality and laboratory markets, however, it is also used in mixtures for applications such as welding and laser cutting.

Welding and Laser Cutting

industrial helium is widely used in the steel manufacturing industry as an inert shielding gas for arc welding and in laser applications. It is utilised both as a pure gas and in mixtures with argon for TIG or MIG welding. In some applications, industrial helium has an advantage over argon in gas-shielded arc welding because it provides greater arc heat for the same welding currents and arc length. This results in deeper penetration, which is preferable for welding heavier materials that require greater welding speed or when metals of high thermal conductivity are to be welded.

Our solution 

For your welding or laser needs, ARCAL™ and LASAL™ are a perfect solution depending on your task.

Party Helium

We offer industrial helium in a range of cylinder sizes to accommodate your needs, from ultra small portable containers with easy to use valves through to large volume cylinder packs for commercial applications. We have a size that will fit your requirements.

Product Summary

The volumes within this table are indicative and may vary with filled pressure. Actual gas volumes per product codes are available in CMS.

Size Gas Volume (Sm³) Melting Point Physical State* DG Class
PACK 16        
Standard 125 -272 °C Gas 2.2
PACK 8        
Maxi 100 -272 °C Gas 2.2
Standard 59.2 -272 °C Gas 2.2
GX 8.8 -272 °C Gas 2.2
G 7.3 -272 °C Gas 2.2
E 3.7 -272 °C Gas 2.2
Ez 3.5 -272 °C Gas 2.2
Ex 3.5 -272 °C Gas 2.2
Dx 1.9 -272 °C Gas 2.2
D: Steel 1.5 -272 °C Gas 2.2

*Physical State at 20°C / 101.3kPa


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Odour Flammability SDS
Colourless gas Odourless Non flammable Helium, Compressed


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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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