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Industrial oxygen is a gas used in a wide range of processes from cutting steel to aquaculture. As the uses of industrial oxygen vary widely, so do the ways in which Air Liquide can provide it to you. We have a range of supply modes, purities and mixtures. Our local support teams can help you decide which combination is the best for your process.

Metal Fabrication including Smelting, Cutting and Welding

Industrial oxygen increases efficiency in a number of processes by reducing the amount of fuel used and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Solutions

Our dedicated lasing and assist gas brand: LASAL™, is a full range of lasing and assist gases in convenient packages designed to ensure the optimal performance of your laser.

For your cutting needs, we offer FLAMAL™, our oxy-acetylene range designed specifically for flame processes.

Call your local Air Liquide branch today or submit a query so a specialist can provide you with information on which gas and supply mode best enhances your process.

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Industrial oxygen plays many roles in mining, from blast oxygen enrichment to using ozone to recover cyanide and copper.

Our Solutions

Uranium In-Situ Leaching: an oxygen supply from liquid storage at 99.9% purity or optionally from on-site production generators at purities ranging from 90% to 93% oxygen.

Gold Leaching: an oxygen supply from liquid storage at 99.9% purity or from on-site production generators at purities of 90% to 93% oxygen content. Our experts can help you establish ideal parameters for high gold recovery while minimising the amount of cyanide used in leaching.

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Water Treatment

Industrial oxygen and ozone are smart and cost effective ways to treat water. Together with our equipment solutions such as VentoxAL, TurboxAL and Bicone (all part of an oxygen injection system) oxygen can reduce chemical exposure, reduce costs and increase effectiveness

Our Solutions

We have whole package solutions or primary gas available.  Please visit our Water Treatment page for more detailed information or contact us today so a specialist can provide you with information on which gas and supply mode best suits your process.

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When thinking of oxygen, most people associate removing oxygen from wine. However, micro-oxygenation is a process used during the winemaking process. Wine micro-oxygenation is the controlled addition of oxygen during the winemaking process. The wine consumes the oxygen through preferred chemical reaction. The micro-oxygenation process allows complete mass transfer from the gaseous to the dissolved state, as long as rates of addition are lower than the capacity of the wine to consume the oxygen

Our Solutions

Air Liquide’s ALIGAL range is the global benchmark for food and beverage gases. We have a range of gases to suit your individual needs. Our ALIGAL™ products all meet FSANZ food standards. Please visit our ALIGAL™ page, or contact us so a specialist can provide you with information on a gas that best suits your specific need.

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Product Summary

The volumes within this table are indicative and may vary with filled pressure. Actual gas volumes per product codes are available in CMS.

Size Gas Volume (Sm³) Melting Point Physical State* DG Class
PACK 16        
Maxi 165 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
Standard 134 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
PACK 8        
Maxi 82.0 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
Standard 68.0 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
GX 10.3 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
G 8.3 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
E 4.2 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
Ex 4.1 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)
D: Steel 1.7 -219 °C Gas 2.2 (5.1)

*Physical State at 20°C / 101.3kPa


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Odour Flammability SDS
Colourless gas Odourless Non flammable Oxygen, Compressed
Bluish liquid Odourless Non flammable Oxygen, Refrigerated Liquid


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