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Argon (High Purity Grade)

A safe and reliable supply of pure argon and argon mixtures

For use in laboratories, ultra-high purity ALPHAGAZ™ brand argon is engineered for gas chromatography, zeroing and other analytical and process control applications.

Research and Analysis

At Air Liquide we appreciate Laboratories’ needs to have a reliable high quality supply of high purity carrier gases and a wide range of calibration mixtures.  

Our solution for the research market is ALPHAGAZ™ 1, 2, 1000 Argon. Visit our ALPHAGAZ™ page for specifications, purities and information on our certificates of conformance.  Or, request a quote so a specialist can work with you in determining the best gas for your process.

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Gas Properties

Gas UN # Gas Volume* Gas per litre of Liquid DG CLASS
Argon UN1006 0.591m³ 0.824 m³ 2.2
* in Standard conditions, 15 °C and 1 atm (101.325 kPa) 

Did you know?

  • Argon was discovered in 1894 by Sir William Ramsay and Lord John Rayleigh.
  • The name argon comes from the Greek "αργόν" (argos) meaning "the lazy one" in reference to its chemical inactivity.
  • Argon exists only in the atmosphere.
  • Air contains about 0.9 % of argon, a neutral and colorless gas.
  • Argon is highly used in industrial applications due to its high level of chemical inertness.
  • Argon is produced through air cryogenic distillation.

Discover more about argon's properties, volumes, applications, safety & compatability and much more with Air Liquide's Gas Encyclopedia.

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